Riding Solutions Clinics

Body Coaching for Balanced Riding: Releasing old body habits and restrictions can lead to a freer and more balanced seat.

Do you sometimes find that, despite all of your hard work riding and training, your rides do not go as smoothly as you’d like? Have you become plagued by wrong leads, tense and crooked gaits, or a horse that “throws its head?” It can become frustrating when a riding teacher patiently asks for the same thing over and over. What most people don’t realize is that tension, imbalances, and bad body habits may be holding them back. In my years of practice as a massage therapist for both horses and people, I’ve had great success solving riding problems by addressing these underlying body issues. I teach a system of exercises to overcome physical restrictions under saddle, creating a new balance and harmony between horse and rider. You’ll see as you gain awareness of your body how much easier and more fluid your rides can become. Join me and learn how to take your riding to a new level. Your horse will thank you!

Riding Solutions titleWhat is Riding Solutions?

A unique series of personalized riding exercises to help riders realize their greatest potential in the saddle.

What can Riding Solutions do for me?

  • Help your body remember how to do things that it may have forgotten
  • Release old body habits that have resulted from old injuries, and physical or emotional stressors such as trauma or fear.
  • Help you understand why your horse isn’t listening to your aids or is “being naughty” in other words – doing undesirable things.
  • Help you to understand how to communicate more clearly with your horses while riding
  • Release physical blocks and limitations allowing riders to progress further in their training with their riding instructor.

Does it matter what type of riding I do?

Riding Solutions can help every kind of rider in every kind of riding sport. The exercises are about the physical sport of riding and overcoming the stresses and limitations that it places upon riders’ and horses’ bodies. Riding Solutions exercises are are not specific to any kind of sport or type of saddle.

Why horses and riders together?

Horses and riders lend their problems to each other. A rider with a stiff right side will make their horse stiff on the right. The same is true in reverse. Understanding the bodywork needs of horse and rider pairs is my specialty.

What kinds of questions do riders frequently bring to Riding Solutions clinics?

  • Why do my legs move so much when I ride?
  • Why does my horse throw its head?
  • Why does my back hurt when I ride? Or my shoulders? Or my seat?
  • Why can’t my horse pick up the right (or left) canter lead?
  • Why does my horse spook?
  • Why does my horse rush its fences?
  • Why is my horse so crooked when doing lateral work?

Can Riding Solutions address all of these questions?

Most definitely!

Does Riding Solutions replace regular riding lessons?

  • Riding Solutions works in concert with regular lessons.
  • At some point every rider has found themselves and their horse at an impasse with their instructor. No matter how patiently that teacher explains how to do something, you just can’t seem to get it. Or, perhaps it’s your horse that just can’t seem to do the thing asked of him. At best, these impasses lead to frustration, at worst they can lead to changing teachers or even to getting a new “more compliant” horse.
  • Riding Solutions addresses just such impasses. Riding Solutions is not a specific method of riding instruction. Instead, it’s a series of personalized riding exercises that help riders overcome the physical obstacles that are keeping them or their horse from perfecting the skills that their trainer is trying to teach them. These exercises build on what the rider already knows how to do to help them progress faster and easier in their training.

Where did Riding Solutions come from?

Riding Solutions is the synthesis of my 35+ years as a rider, my 20+ years as a riding instructor in several riding disciplines, and my 20+ years as a massage therapist and bodyworker. Using these skills I have been able to create something completely new and very exciting for riders. A true Riding Solution for their riding problems.

Want to learn more?

Send me a note through my contact page. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.