Sound Healing for Animals

In 1999, I decided to add sound healing to my animal massage practice. I felt it would be an invaluable way to reach animals who were in pain and mistrusted massage touch. The results were astoundingly good. Tense and guarded animals immediately relaxed, some fell asleep. An equally large number, reveling in the cessation of pain at long last, kicked up their heels and started to move, more freely than they had in years.

Since that time I’ve had remarkable results with sound healing. Flighty animals become relaxed and grounded. Interest and curiosity returns to the eyes of the aged, dull, or lost. And animals suffering with chronic or acute pain finally relax enough to the sleep and heal.

Animals have bodies much like ours. They suffer from back and hip pain, arthritis, dislocated joints, headaches, sprains, and even whiplash. The soothing vibrations of a sound healing session can create an increase in circulation and a decrease in pain  leading to feelings of peace and wellness in the animal.