Healing Services

Energy work ABMPI’ve been a licensed massage practitioner in Washington state since 2001. In that time, I’ve observed a growing trend toward generalized stress in people’s bodies. This stress may or may not be coming from actual events in the person’s life, instead it may reflect the state of the world in general or the actions of family members or friends in particular.

Over time, I’ve shifted the focus of my massage practice away from relaxation and injury-recovery to energetic support and physical assistance for these kinds of stress-based imbalances in people’s bodies.

Some of what is being experienced right now is the result of rapidly changing energetics on the planet, which many people refer to as Ascension. These energetic changes are forcing re-evaluation of our lives. Things that used to give a sense of comfort and support may no longer do so, and we begin to wonder what’s changed and what’s happening to us?

In some cases, these rapid changes can lead to physical illness, forgetfulness, depression or other mental instabilities. We find ourselves with a profound lack of grounding which can bring confusion and fear, especially when medical professionals find no answer for the symptoms.

I use a wide variety of bodywork and energy techniques to assist people with these evolving physical and energetic changes. Some of these include: myofascial and craniosacral massage, acupressure, sound healing, energy work, visualizations, toning, and flower essences. Taken as a whole, these techniques can help restore energetic balance to the body and serenity to the mind.